Search the Web Smarter Using the Right Strategies

Have you noticed that you look for something on the web and find everything BUT the thing you are actually looking for? While search engines have many different ways for capturing data on the world wide web, searching their databases is something that is the same no matter which one you use. Here are a few quick ways to find what you want faster.

First, put a precise phrase in the search. Looking for Chinese food in Denver near Edgewater? If you search for Chinese food and Denver, you might get hits from all over the metro area. Instead, pick a location. Search for Chinese food 20th Sheridan and you’re much more likely to find someone in your neighborhood.

Use Quotation marks. Searching for panda bears will give you everything about pandas AND everything about bears. Search for “panda bears” and you’ll only get info on those words in that order in your results.

Use the words And Or and Not. For instance, I’m looking for info on the Louvre, but I want the history, I don’t want to travel there. Try great Louvre not travel. Or, Louvre and history. Use or if you are looking for similar things like Louvre or Paris Museum.

Try different search engines. If you ALWAYS use Bing, try Google. If you’re not finding what you want on Google, try Bing or Yahoo. Try the same search on two different search engines. Chances are, one of them is going to give you more of the results you are looking for.

Use these tips and you’ll be searching like a pro in no time. For more ways to search your own computers and networks, contact us for info on ViaWorks – a product that can make your internal network, documents and email just as searchable as the World Wide Web.


Bill Robinson
Sr. Network Administrator at IntegrativeIT
Bill Robinson is the Sr. Network Administrator at Integrative It. Bill has been helping businesses in the Boulder Valley and North Denver Metro Area with their IT needs since 2002. When not working or taking care of his kids, Bill loves to hike and watch movies.